March 22nd is New Moon Power Day

NEW MOON REMINDER… Thursday, March 22, Aries10:37 am EDST NEW MOON REMINDER… Thursday, March 22, 10:37 am EDST, is the New Moon Power Day in March!  This month offers us an ESPECIALLY potent New Moon because the New Moon in ARIES, it is the most potent Moon of the year for making wishes involving new beginnings!   If you have a copy of the book New Moon Astrology, be sure to consult … Continue reading


Attracting Wealth Mindfully – Part 1

It’s been a while since I have written for myself… why did I choose to begin writing again? First of all there were signs: A post from a dear friend, Deepti Gujar, who sent me an email about 22nd March being the beginning of a very powerful time to make new beginnings. To find out … Continue reading

Revisiting Gratitude Day 4

Oreo Cookie Shake – Yummy shake at Baskin and Robbins Home-made pizza – Long live Mani Playing with the iPad 2 at Croma! It was great fun! Google docs! Don’t know how we shared documents earlier?! Sashank – Thanks for keeping me company 🙂

Revisiting Gratitude Day 3

Now for today’s gratitude list: 1. Learning: I’m grateful that DRI is a learning company. It’s amazing sometimes how much I resent having to learn and grow, but in DRI there is no other way. Just being there makes me want to learn, be better and grow. Bhumi, which is the other organisation I am … Continue reading

Revisiting Gratitude Day 2

I didn’t actually write this post on Day 2! Was actually too depressed to write at first and “loitered” online for sometime. Eventually, I did find enough things to be grateful for, but was too sleepy. So here goes, 1. A monthly salary: Working in a start-up is tough! I sometimes still can’t believe I … Continue reading

Revisiting Gratitude

Been kind of down in the dumps lately… At the end of the day I’m left feeling tired and complaining. Mostly my complaint is that I don’t have fun any more. So… What am I doing about it? On Monday, I read these lines in ‘Notes from the Universe’ a delightful newsletter I subscribe to … Continue reading

Two years..

I stop to look at myself in the mirror I think of you as I look at my reflection At night when I’m about to get into bed You smile back at me, Your photograph at my desk It’s almost as though we have a conversation in my head.. I remember you in desperate times … Continue reading


Little sticks of wax Red. Yellow. Green. Blue So pretty on their own Blend into different hues Little tubes of liquid White. Gray. Purple. Gold. Have a story to tell What secrets they hold! Pots of precious glitter Pink. Silver. Orange. Brown Like bits of magic stars Delight as they shine down These pictures capture … Continue reading

Must I really write?

Must I really write To feel complete? Must I really drop my thoughts and not compete? Why should this flow Stop me on my tracks? Why must the lyrical Tease me till I crack? It’s as though a torrent inside Waits to break free As soon as I see blank spaces I’m issued a decree … Continue reading

Dil Ki Aawaz

Woh kya hai jo duniya chahti hai mujhse Mere dil ki ghazal Mere mann ka taraana Ek boond hasi ki Woh muskurana.. Kyun bhatki hu main darbadarr? Jab dil bas keh raha hai Meri aawaz suno Pyaar ka raag suno Yeh raag hamesha hai tumhare saath Bas pakde rehna hai apne dil ka haath Itna … Continue reading