A conversation with my true love!

Are you in love, he asked?
Yes, I said, I am in love with me!
But how can that be? You used to love only me..
Oh dear, I said, that’s so true..
I used to think that I love only you..
But when the real truth came before me,
I knew that I first have to love me..
So now I love me, I love you, I love everything I see
Because the Highest that’s within you is the same that’s within me.

You have changed he said, this is not what you used to be..
Well, I said, I am that which cannot be changed,
I am that which is true, I am what makes the sky blue.

He said, I don’t think you love me anymore,
My dear, I said, I love you like I never loved you before
Because I love you for what you are and what you can be
But I also love you for what you are not and what you can’t be

He asked, What is this game you play?
It’s a divine one, I said, in which I am being molded like clay.

He asked, What is it that you really want?
Just to be the flow, I said, and not to taunt…
I want to show you what I see..I want to show you all that you can be
I want to love you as God loves me..
Won’t you join me in this journey till eternity?

He smiled as though he understood..
My heart skipped a beat, did he remember, as he should?
This agreement that we’ve always had.. the beautiful one, that makes me so glad?
Oh my dear.. where have you been?
Has the time come for you to be seen?
Come into my life, O Beautiful One…
Come so my work may be done..
Then we can walk to eternal bliss
We can be together with nothing amiss

He said, I too have been waiting for you my dear..
Why did you have so much confusion, so much fear?
It is His will it will be done.. It is divine love and it will be fun!
I too have promises to keep, roles to play,
I will be with you on the right day..
The right time, the right moment will appear
Then, to you, all things will be clear,
Because even in this separation there is something dear,
Something to learn, something to know
Otherwise how can you and I be together in the flow?
Though now our journeys seem to separate us,
We will come together without a fuss..
Then the love which flows will be blessed by the divine
I will be yours and you will be mine.


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