Good-bye Beautiful Pune

On Sept 9th, 2007, I landed in Pune to start a new journey in my life.. I was excited, nervous, both sad and happy. I was going to begin a new career and a new life in a new city. I had been to Pune many times before.. but didn’t really have any strong impressions about it. To me it was the headquarters of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, the home of my Gurus Sadhu Vaswani and Dada J. P. Vaswani, and I normally associated Pune with just that. I also knew many people here through the Mission who are really great friends with my parents. So I was at ease. I knew I wouldn’t be lonely. Little did I know that this wonderful journey would give me gifts that I would treasure forever. What gifts, you ask? Let me elaborate…

Pune – My Home away from Home:

I came to Pune with all arrangements in place.. I was to stay with Dad’s friend Chandru Uncle, at whose house I had stayed many times and I was completely comfortable. Dad has this little posse consisting of Chandru Uncle and Ram Uncle and their friendship is quite famous :). The three of them together are a delight to be with, with their old men jokes, general camaraderie and good-natured ribbing. Chandru uncle, as expected was a great host for about a month till I found my own place. He did his very best to make me feel at home and also in his own way to entertain me alomg with Ram uncle.. this resulted in many meals and many movies together. I think people often wondered if I got bored with the company of two 60-something men, but the fact is that going out with them made me connect with my Dad and I missed him a little less…
I also knew the Milani family – Reshma Aunty, Moti Uncle, Neha and Sahil – who were friends with my parents.. and Mom and Dad had told me that I should call them if I had any need and they would definitely help me. So I did.. little did I know they would be for me the First Family of Pune.. Slowly they became my surrogate family. They were the ones I would go to when I was lonely, when I needed a home-cooked meal or when I needed anything at all. They made me feel completely at ease and more than that they made me feel that I was part of them. I was included in everything! Dinners, movies, family events, parties, satsangs.. but more than that I was included in their love. I could fall back on them for anything. And if you didn’t find me at home.. you’d find me at their house. The doors of their house were always open for me.. but more than that they opened the doors of their hearts and for that I am so grateful! Thank you so much!

Pune – The city of my internal pilgrimage:

Pune had always been a place of pilgrimage for me.. it is the HQ of Sadhu Vaswani Mission as I already mentioned.. a place which is sacred to me and my family. But little did I know it also would introduce me to some other people who would blow me away. I had no idea that it would cause me to question each and every belief that I had, reinforce my faith in the divine to make it unshakable and really make me a much happier person with expanded clarity and a deeper knowledge of my True being… I had the opportunity to attend the traditional satsang and seva at the Mission and enter into the non-traditional realm of spiritual retreats and one on one sessions with awakened souls. I learnt new methods of healing, new things about law of attraction, experienced amazing heights in my spiritual journey and also learned how to include the lows of my life to make me stronger. It’s because I was here that I really know that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Thank you Dada for your blessings without which I could have never begun this journey, Nithya for your amazing teachings without which I could never have truly understood myself, and Raj for the amazing sense of clarity because of which I have learned to integrate all the teachings and lead a beautiful life. I am truly blessed.

Thank you Pune for being so generous – for the great food, the new friends, the learning and .. for letting me be who I was and also making me a better person..Thank you for teaching me acceptance, love and giving me immense joy. These lessons are going to be cherished for a lifetime.


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