Hold It Lightly..

Hold it lightly, hold it lightly you say…
How can I? I ask, there is so much to say..
My fingers tremble and I shake with joy,
What a beautiful discovery, Oh boy!
But we can only create when we know
That it’s not me, it’s just the flow..
It comes from deep within me
It was always there
I just didn’t know it, I swear!
I feel the warmth, I feel the love
I feel the glow down beneath me and up above..
I ask, How is it possible? How can it be?
You say, God has touched you, can’t you see?
I ask, What am I doing? Where do I stand?
You say, You are true beauty, just understand.
I say, I think it’s coming together now, I need to just be
I’m so glad I met you, and I am so glad I met ME πŸ™‚


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