I ask and God answers.. I am his muse, He can’t refuse!

I am ready just show me the way
It’s right here, don’t you sway
I understand now how things are done..
There’s nothing to do, I am the ONE
One with you, one with me,
One with everything that I see..
I don’t belong to anyone, not even what I think is me,
More than that, nothing belongs to me
Things are not yet crystal clear..
But they will be soon, have no fear
See the beauty in the world, I say..
In each little feather, in each big day..
In each drop of water, in each grain of sand,
In each kind thought, in each great demand.
Isn’t this what you asked for? Isn’t this what you wanted to be?
Just go out there, I have set you free..
Free at last, free at last
Free from the shackles of the past,
Free from the danger, free from the fear,
Free from everything that you held so dear
Free to do whatever you please,
Free to do what puts you at ease

But who will take care of me? What’s it like?
You have always been taken care of, you know what it is like.
Just tune into me, I am always there..
I’ve given you everything, just be aware

Each word I write is so beautiful, I can’t believe,
I only have to ask, and I will receive.
It’s so peaceful within me now,
The world is my stage, I need to take a bow.
What took you so long I ask?
It wasn’t long, you just needed to drop the mask
Is this part of the divine plan?
It doesn’t matter, just do it with elan!
Thank you for your love, thank you for your heart..
Always stay beautiful, we will never be apart
Every sound is wonderful, every sight I see
Tells me that you are within me
I needn’t be reminded by some special sign
It’s all there.. it’s all divine


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