The answers to your questions… or the questions to your answers

I asked, How can I love you so much?
You asked, Am I not you? Are you not me?

I asked, Who am I?
You asked, Who are you, really?

I asked, Why am I here?
You asked, Who is really here? Are you really here?

I asked, What is this?
You asked, Are you this?

I asked, Why does this happen to me?
You asked, What really happened?

I asked, What is love?
You asked, What is not love?

I asked, Is it true?
You asked, What is truth?

I asked, After this, what?
You asked, Before this, what?

I asked, Where am I?
You asked, Where do you think you should be?

I asked, What should I do?
You asked, What does should mean?

I asked, how can I thank you?
You asked, how can I thank YOU? 🙂


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