Who is God? What is Life?

God is my Father, He is my Friend
He is everything, not just a means to an end.
‘Cos the end’s not important, it’s really the journey that we’re on
It’s where we are now, not where we’ve already gone.
It’s all really simple if we will only flow
Life’s not complicated, only we make it so.
It’s only when we allow the Truth to surface
That it can set us free,
Everything’s in Divine Order,
From the strength of the mighty elephant to the sting of the bumble bee.
The heavens are where they are
The dirt is where it is supposed to be
There is sacredness in everything..
Even in profanity!
There is nothing bad, nothing wrong
Nothing good, nothing strong.
Nothing to do nowhere to be
Just beauty in everything, in all humanity
So what about the animals, you ask?
Well, they’re just like us
So are the birds and the insects
The stones and the grass, the trees and even the fluff!
I hope you rejoice in this knowledge just like I do
But even if you don’t, it’s still true!
Because the Truth is what we’re all after, my friend..
Whatever your path may be..
I wish you love, laughter
Joy and bliss..till eternity!


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