Daily Miracles and Lessons..

Sometimes, someone you love does an act that can make you love them even more (if that’s even possible). Today my Dad and I shared a really special moment that left me with tears of gratitude.

Dad and I are great believers in Homoeopathy and Bach Flower remedies and he happened to mention that our neighbour, Ahmed, had paid him a visit that day to discuss something with him. In the course of their conversation he happened to see a bottle of ‘Rescue Remedy’ a Bach Flower medication and asked my Dad about it, to which Dad replied that it’s a first aid medication that can be used in cases of accidents or sudden acute pain. Ahmed then said that he’d had excellent results with Homeopathy once before.. and also said something like ‘yeh bade kaam ki cheez lagti hai isko ghar mein rakhna chahiye, saab ‘ (this seems to be a useful thing, something that can be kept at home). Then this conversation ensued between us…

Me: So, we have so many bottles of Rescue at home, you could have given him one,,
Dad: You know he and I have our differences, I just can’t stand the sight of him.. so I didn’t give him the bottle
Me: Have some compassion Papa.. it’s ok.. you can love him too..
Dad: Had it been any other neighbour I wouldn’t have thought twice.. but I really can’t stand this guy.

I just fell silent. A couple minutes later I saw that the yearly calendar we have kept in our living room. The calendar which has a thought for each day written by our guru Dada J.P Vaswani had this thought written on it..

Forgiveness brings peace and joy into our life.
Forgiveness puts an end to the inner struggle that rages in the soul within, and teaches us to face life with tolerance, understanding and equanimity

I just handed the calendar to Dad and said, “Look Papa, this is what Dada says”. He read it and didn’t say anything. We proceeded to have our dinner and stuff as usual and I totally forgot about this. When I woke up this morning, Dad said something like “Deepti, I think I am going to listen to what you told me” and I had no recollection of what had happened.. so I told him I couldn’t remember what I had told him. So he began to tease me saying, till I remembered he wouldn’t tell me what it was. I guessed random things and I couldn’t remember. In the evening when we were returning from somewhere together he reminded me that I couldn’t remember something so important.. and when I repeatedly asked him what it was he said, “I gave the medicine to Ahmed today”. I just told him “Papa, I’m so proud of you!” and looked away because my eyes were welling up with tears of gratitude.

I am so grateful that he was able to see that it is possible to have compassion for all.. and I am grateful that this message could come through me to him. To me, there was also the lesson that we can listen to what others tell us, because every voice carries the message of God.

Thank you Papa, in your learning you have taught me so well.. and you are a fine example of Love-in-action!


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