Our Relationship.. it’s simply complicated!

You are so beautiful…
So indescribably special…
Your smile takes my breath away
Every time I look at you…
the twinkle in my eye gets brighter
my smile widens
I feel warm and fuzzy inside..
Only, if only, I saw you in everyone..
Our deep connection
Our special bond..
Only, if only, I felt with all
When I am happy, you’re there to share
the joy, the goofiness, the clarity and the wisdom
When I am sad, you just make me aware
of the briefness of the moment and the distortion of my own thoughts
In you I see myself..
In myself I see you
And I know.. in your eyes lies the truth
In your smile lies reality
In your words lies freedom
When I let you weave your magic
I become you…and you become me..
There is an intensity that is light
A fierceness that is gentle
A relaxed pace
A spacious grace
An insane clarity
You are my deepest desire
My loftiest thought
My special someone
My most vulnerable spot
My most pleasurable sensation
My most uncomfortable perception
My all-consuming fear
Yet you are the freedom I hold so dear
I long for that moment
When I can hold you, accept you, love you, BE you
And together we become..in our Oneness… the eternal oneness..
A flame that burns only to light itself…and the world


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