Tao of Facilitation

The Tao of Facilitation (ToF) is a program that I would recommend very highly.. would like to share my experiences with you so that it inspires you (hopefully to attend). It will be held in Bangalore from the 7th to 10th of Jan,2010  by one of the gentlest souls I know, Kiran Gulrajani. To get in touch with Kiran please email him at kirangul@gmail.com

The ToF came as a highly recommended program to me.. and having had the chance to meet Kiran briefly in Pune also inspired me to attend..  I came into it not knowing what to expect but just with an open mind and lots of curiosity and boy! am I glad that I did…

The ToF is one of the most inspiring and “clarifying” experiences that I’ve had.. and I have tried to sum up the lessons that I got from it below..

I am responsible for my own happiness:

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Yeah, I’d read it in a number of “self-help” books, had learned people tell me this but never really believed it. There was some kind of revelation to me at the ToF, when I was very patiently guided by the facilitators Kiran and Gyandev. A lot of my beliefs were shattered and I bid good-bye to them forever. I stopped blaming my parents, family, relatives, society, government, politicians, the system, God and whatever else I had been blaming for the situations in my life. It was very freeing. I finally accepted that I am here and this is my situation and it is really beautiful and OK to be here. And though it seemed like it would be very hard to do this.. it wasn’t. Because along with this realisation I was also helped to realise that I can start with what I have and where I am.

Many fears were released and I felt a lot of peace.

All a person really needs – is to be heard:

In our deep listening session a lightbulb suddenly went off when I realised that just listening to  a person, really listening can be a great healing expereience for them and me too. And sometimes, thats all it takes. Although I knew this one too but I only experienced it here in the ToF. I never even knew or realised my internal chatterbox functioned with such alarming speed until I actually came did this session and learned to observe the internal chatter of the mind.. Thanks to ToF I now practice this daily and experience better relationships 🙂

The Work – it works!

We were guided through The Work of Byron Katie. Though this can be done by reading Katie’s book or taking the stuff off the internet, again Kiran and Gyandev, made it easier for me to confront my beliefs about life and friendships.

Though these are the key lessons that seem to jump out at this moment.. there were many beautiful and soul stirring conversations, many friendships formed and relationships nurtured just by being in the ToF. And because all of us experienced a lot of healing together.. we are much closer and authentic in our dealings than probably other friendships that are formed at a superficial level. In 3 and a half days I experienced a beautiful co-creation of love that I felt honoured to have been a part of. I truly believe that if you are still contemplating going for this program then you should just drop everything and sign up for it. You’ll thank yourself for it 😉


2 thoughts on “Tao of Facilitation

  1. Thanks Deepti.. for sharing from the heart..

    I am myself amazed at what happens in the togetherness.. as we slow down the pace… as we make space.. we allow grace.. and thats what does the magic..

    hai na?

    And it was a blessing to have you with your mom in the same program.. dont know if you saw it as a blessing tho’… just kidding.. 😉

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