Vital Energy

Something inspiring in Kiran Gulrajani’s Tao of Facilitation manual. I like to mull over this one from time to time and I thought I would share..

People who surrender all their blocks and conflicts experience a free flow of vital energy.

They look as radiant as a baby, and they enjoy a childlike immunity to injury. Bugs won’t bite them. Dogs don’t attack them. Trouble-makers leave them alone.

Their bodies seem relaxed and pliant, but their stamina and strength are remarkable. They are sexually moving without being overly erotic. They can sing or even yell for a long time and never get hoarse.

It is as if they were newly in love, not with one person, but with all creation and their energies are as abundant as all creations.

It is a mistake to confuse excitement or arousal with the vital flow of enlightenment. Stimulants and emotional adventures arouse people, but such arousal does not enhance one’s energies. On the contrary, excitement spends energy and exhausts vitality.

Think of excitement as tension that comes when stimulation meets resistance. The exciting experience ends when the stimulation stops or when a person wears out. But the vitality of enlightenment is a continuous flow. It meets no resistance and goes on and on without stress.

Excitement is rooted in passing desires. Vital energy springs from the eternal.

Source: Tao of Leadership – John Heider


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