Law of Attraction..

Long overdue..

Incident 1 (the trigger): I get to know about a workshop that’s going to take place and the teacher tells me that it would be good for me to do it. I am super interested and also super curious.. the fee is something that seems out of reach at the moment.. but I tell the teacher that he should keep me posted and I will be there. Before I go to bed that night, the thought is that if this workshop is really meant for me, the money will come and I surrender to sleep. The next morning, when I am lounging around in pyjamas at home, an uncle who is visiting from the US drops in. He gives me double the amount (maybe a bit more than double) of money that I need for the workshop as a gift. Heart skips a beat and jaw drops open! There is a silent wow and a celebration of gratitude in my heart.

This incident was really an “in-your-face” sign that this stuff works and I am indeed on the right path.

Incident 2: A friend of a friend who is also into meditation and spiritual practices sends me a text. Says that he wants to discuss his experiences when me meet next. Make a mental note that I should meet up with him sometime.. because I am curious about the course that he has just done. Bump into him at a party that evening.. πŸ™‚

Incident 3: Wake up with an intention to have a day filled with hugs and kisses. A couple of hours later my brother walks into my room and asks if I want some kisses.. turns out that he has a bag of Hershey’s kisses. Leaves me chuckling to myself! (that’s why they say LOA should be as specific as possible).

Small manifestations!! But huge potential πŸ™‚


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