You know you’re turning 29 when..

Had to make this list.. Especially since I am turning 29 next month. Next year it will be the big three-oh!

– People whose 1st birthday party you went to are now working or finishing college
– The songs you thought were cool when you were in school are now played on retro nights in bars and pubs
– People are more ready to make you their ‘sister’ than their girlfriend
– you walk into Coffee Day or Barista at 3.30 pm on a weekday and you are the oldest person there
– You break into ‘Jumma Chumma De De’ while playing antakshiri and someone asks you.. oh! You know Amitabh’s old songs too?
– You visit your school and the kids that now study there say – Excuse me, aunty!
– You have to explain to younger kids that you were in 9th standard when you first used the internet and how you used reference books and not the internet to look up something
– The only cartoons you watched when you were a kid were the ones that came on DD on Sunday mornings
– You had to wait for someone to come from abroad to eat Snickers, Kit Kat, Mars or Toblerone or go to a ‘custom notified shop’ to buy them
– Having more than one TV channel to watch was a big deal to you at one time.
– You were in college or working when you had your first cell phone
– You went to HITEC city phase 1 for a ‘long drive’ and thought it was the coolest building ever
– Banjara Hills was a secluded place and ‘not safe at night’ when you were a teenager
– You still used a cassette in your car when you drove to college and not a media player


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