This list was originally intended to have 100 things.. but when I started writing it I found that I had more than a 100 things to be grateful for and the list keeps growing.

This year has been wonderful.. and as I enter my 30th year, I am in deep, deep gratitude for everything in my life. To everyone reading this post.. I am grateful to you too and please add to this all the things that you love and are grateful for..

Presenting, in random order, all the things in my life that I’m grateful for..

Thank you, Universe!

I am grateful for..

  1. My life – cos if I didn’t have it then I wouldn’t have had such beautiful experiences
  2. My family (immediate and extended) – they love me and support me always and no matter what!
  3. My body – It’s perfect and can be improved 🙂
  4. My house – it’s a safe haven for us all
  5. Deep Red Ink – I never thought I could really enjoy my work so much
  6. The challenges I face – because they allow for things to surface and for me to acknowledge them
  7. The fact that I live in India – so many delightful people and delightful experiences here
  8. The fact that I have had an opportunity to travel the world – to see what’s out there and make informed choices
  9. The internet – without which this communication wouldn’t have been possible

10.  Facebook – cos it allows me to connect with wonderful people

11.  My blog – for being the space that I can express myself

12.  My friends – for keeping me grounded.. and providing diversity in my life

13.  Past relationships (romantic or otherwise) – for allowing things about me to surface which I otherwise wouldn’t have realized

14.  My old workplace – for making me realize what I’m good at and what I need to work on

15.  The opportunity to have lived abroad

16.  The opportunity to have lived in different cities in India

17.   My interaction with spiritual masters and teachers

18.  The fact that I can drive a car!

19.  The fact that I have a car to drive

20.  Our beautiful planet which has such diversity in climate, flora, fauna etc

21.  The fact that I get 3 home-cooked meals a day

22.  My soft cushiony mattress

23.  The fact that I have 2 closets full of clothes!

24.  And 2 drawers full of shoes!

25.  The fact that I have experienced immense abundance of love at most times

26.  The fact that I am capable of blessing others and receiving blessings from others

27.  That I can read, write and speak 4 languages

28.  That I have a laptop to type this list

29.  That I can operate a laptop

30.  for my cell phone

31.  The fact that I have people expressing romantic interest in me 😉

32.   for my Ipod

33.  for the beautiful music that I have had the chance to listen to

34.   for guided meditations by Nithya Shanti and other great teachers

35.   for having the time to write this list

36.   for my new job!

37.  for having the time to discover my life purpose

38.  for having had a great childhood

39.  for having loving, nurturing parents who are now my friends

40.   for having a brother who is also my best friend

41.    for having the ability to connect with myself and others

42.  for being able to sleep well at night

43.   to be able to eat well and make informed choices about what I eat

44.    the fact that I can see the positive side of things, mostly!

45.   the fact that I can see the negative side of things

46.   for my precious books – because they provide hours of entertainment and learning

47.  for movies that I have had a chance to see

48.  for being of sound body and sound mind

49.   for a high speed internet connection

50.   for the Milani family that were my surrogate parents in Pune

51.   For learning about the law of attraction and how to use it

52.   For learning about the power of gratitude and how to use it

53.  For being able to exercise everyday

54.   For having the opportunity to choose my own life partner

55.   For being able to study whatever I choose to

56.   For my education that has taught me so much

57.  For being able to sing

58.  For being able to dance when I want to

59.   the fact that I can make my own decisions

60.  the fact that I can have a career of my choice

61.   For having the ability to be open to concepts and new learning

62.   the fact that I am a woman 🙂

63.  for being a decent cook

64.  for being able to be there for friends and family when they need me

65.   for my friends picking me up when I need to go somewhere

66.  for living in an awesome city like Hyderabad

67.   the fact that I can go on vacations and relax (eg Greece!)

68.  for learning new healing methods like EFT, etc

69.   For being able to heal myself

70.  . For having a natural ability to write in English

71.   Dr. Tomadakis – without whom I couldn’t have written the research paper that I did

72.   Dr. Brenner – for funding my Masters degree

73.  The Chemical Engineering department at Florida tech where I learnt so much

74.  My Yoga teachers Amala and Apoorva – because of whom I have better health

75.   My homoeopath Dr Prasad for curing anything!

76.   My ex-boss and friend Nitin Jain for trusting in me so much

77.   Michael Jackson for making some of the most brilliant and enjoyable music

78.   Rumi – my favourite poet

79.   Santhan – My friend and confidant…

80.   Landmark forum – where I learnt so much and made some awesome friends

81.  Art of living – that taught me Sudarshan kriya and pranayam for the first time

82.   Tao of Facilitation – for giving me clarity and for Kiran – my dearest friend!

83.   Raj Mali and his teachings – for really teaching me how to live

84.   Clean water to drink

85.   Fruits to eat everyday

86.  Ravi Shankar for being the space of learning and healing for me

87.  My printer

88.  Heffalump – for being as cute as he is

89.   Calvin and Hobbes – the best comic strip ever

90.   Garfield

91.   The Chitta Sangha – my heart connects!

92.   Bollywood film music for being my companion in the car everyday

93.   The Sound of Music – that taught me how to sing

94.   My music teachers Deepa Naha and Mrs Bhaumik

95.  Brian Weiss for inspiring me to learn about PLR

96.  Louise Hay for teaching me more about my thoughts and body

97.  Twitter – for teaching me something new

98.   Mozilla Firefox – for being the best browser ever

99.  Sadhu Vaswani Mission – for teaching me how to serve others

100. My Hard disk drive for storing all the wonderful movies and music

101. My glasses and contact lenses for helping me see better

102. My comfortable night suits

103. The sweet perfume I wear

104. The fact that my brother thinks I’m kind.


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