The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 2

Day 2 – and going strong 🙂

Today, I am thankful for:

1. The 20-odd volunteers that turned up for the Freedom Under Construction induction:

It’s nice to see young (-er) people who are interested in acts of nation-building. Some of them have already made small contributions such as organizing blood-donation camps, one of them was already a volunteer with the Dronacharya and Ekalavya mentoring program that Bhumi runs. I appreciate the fact that they came on a Saturday afternoon to Rasoolpura for an induction, they could have easily gone for a movie or to a coffee shop instead. I think this is what people mean when they say a shift in consciousness is happening. We have started the induction drive a week ago and we already have around 70-80 enthusiastic young volunteers from different colleges in the city. They are usually bursting with questions and have many ideas at the end of the induction. I think that this should be shared with people who think that ‘the younger generation’ doesn’t know what they want or are spoiled. In fact, I think, they do know what they want and it’s always refreshing to share ideas about leadership with them because they are not jaded or cynical.. they actually match up with our passion and vision. Thank you to all of them.. they keep my faith alive!

2. Mujeeb’s return from the US!

Yes! The man’s back (or will be arriving in a few hours). Mujeeb Khan – the founding president of Bhumi, dynamic leader, great encourager of entrepreneurs, energiser, believer, dreamer, visionary and now dear friend is arriving today from a month long program in the US. He is also the man who I have cursed, sympathised with, missed dearly and waited for impatiently for the past month. My work with Bhumi has taught me many things.. and since he has gone, I have been exposed to some of the challenges he faces. These challenges have sometimes made me break-down and cry like a baby and most times left me irritable and impatient. He, however, mostly displays great equanimity, strength, compassion and courage in the face of these challenges. He actually believes in what he talks and follows it up with relevant actions. Every program that Bhumi runs that I have come across , so far, accomplishes what it talks of on paper – I have personally seen evidence of it. I have much to learn from him.. am grateful for his friendship. But right now, I am grateful that he is back so that he can resume his duties here and take Freedom Under Construction to the level that it is supposed to go to. They few tasks that I have been performing in his presence need his refinement and passion.

3. Gautam – our waiter in the MoMo cafe tonight:

Went with family and a guest to the MoMo cafe at the Courtyard by Marriot, Lower Tank Bund

. Our waiter, Gautam, was a fine example of going the extra mile. He displayed professionalism and hospitality. My mom had a harmonium delivered to the hotel by one of her friends (she was borrowing it). She just informed him that someone would come and drop it off at the hotel. He came and picked it up personally and ensured that it got to our car when we left. He didn’t need to do that.. but he did. The food was good, but it was made even better with his service. Before we left my mom had a casual chat with him in which he told her that he wishes to do his MBA and is working here to save up for it. I wish you good luck Gautam, and I hope to visit the MoMo cafe again just because of your exemplary service and ready smile.

4. The music on Pannu’s iPod and my Zen Estilo:

My car is a pleasure to drive, really! When I first bought it, I didn’t care for it much but it kind of grew on me. The drive in it is best described as ‘zippy’! And Pannu’s attached his little iPod nano in it.. with some fun music. Listened to ‘Tum Ho Toh’ from Rock On! after a long time today and was hugging myself at the end of it 🙂 just brought back some fond memories. Also Kailash Kher’s ‘Teri Deewani’ has me humming the song all day 🙂

5. The drive back from Rasoolpura:

I normally cross the Hussain Sagar lake – popularly known as Tank Bund – on my drive back from Rasoolpura. Today, because of the rainy weather here in Hyderabad it seemed as though the whole landscape of Tank Bund was an artist’s creation. The clouds, the water and the Buddha statue seemed to blend in together in a confluence of grey and silver with small dots of bright colours because of the props used for the sailing regatta that’s currently going on at the Sailing Annexe of the Secunderabad club. Hyderabad is truly a beautiful city 🙂

One thought on “The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 2

  1. Yess deeps I am back :-D, its pure joy to breath in the same air! The journey is exhilarating and I am thankful to have your company on this journey.

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