The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 4

My first blog post from my iPod!
I don’t really know how this will look.. But I guess I can edit it tomorrow. Right now just enjoying lying in my bed and writing 🙂
Today I am grateful for

1. Relaxation and ease:
I think that I am finally comfortable with the new pace of my life. It probably took me this long to adjust to it. I am also more at ease with having no fixed schedule and making decisions last minute decisions about how I will spend my day. I have been able to make more spontaneous decisions than before. Thankful for that 🙂

2. My incredibly clairvoyant day!
Today I just have been bang-on with my intuition and sensing! Thankful to the universe 🙂

3. Having a driver
In this mad traffic, it was just easier and less tiring to have a driver that I could use. Also thanks to my Dad for letting me use him for the evening.

4. The time spent with Sheetal
No matter how many friends I may make there is a certain ease in being with her. Thank God for the comfort, ease and understanding between us.

5. The joy of giving!
It’s nice to be able to buy a gift for someone that enjoys gifts. There is great pleasure in making someone feel special through giving. I am grateful for the abundance in my life, because only when you feel abundant can you give with happiness and love.

Additionally, I am grateful to myself for being committed to write a post every day and believing in the power of gratitude. I also thank family and friends who continue to read and comment on my posts, it feels good to have your support.

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