The 7 day positivity experiment – Day 7

Wow! Day 7 is here!

This has been a great week.. I thank all who’ve read this blog for their interest, comments and love. It’s not that I haven’t had any challenges this week, but my thoughts have shifted to focus on what’s right, what’s good and that which I desire. It’s humbling to see that these posts have inspired others to write as well. I plan to continue this practice, probably as a once a week thing on the blog and as a daily practice in my personal journal.

Today I am happy and grateful for:

1. A restful morning:

I had the time to rest, to chill out and relax this morning. Grateful that I didn’t have to dress and rush because my meetings etc were in the evening.

2. Santhan

I am very grateful to be working with him. I have said this to him numerous times but almost every time I am faced with a challenge he acts in the most kind way possible. It takes great maturity to be able to place so much trust in people. Thank you.

3. The internet 🙂

I mean, it’s kinda obvious that it’s awesome.. but still. I love to use the net to communicate, to express myself, to stay connected, to make new friends. Not to mention, recharging my prepaid phone card, paying my bills, online banking, booking flight and train tickets.. it’s just so beautiful! By the way, it also gave me the space to do the work I love 🙂

4. Power vs. Force – David Hawkins

Reading the book now, very powerful. I first heard about it in Nithya Shanti’s Hadayoli workshop.. the book has the power to impact your thoughts and change your life.

5. Poetry

I know, that’s pretty generic right? But still, there is something about words being used aesthetically that evokes emotions. I am still new to reading poetry.. but I, of course, love Rumi. I also got Tagore’s Gitanjali as a gift and thoroughly enjoy reading that..

This has indeed been a beautiful journey on this blog.. one that shall be looked back upon with fondness and smiles 🙂

Signing off using switchwords

Love. Together. Divine. Done.

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