The Habit!

Well, so my experiment has now ended according to the traditional suggestion of 7 days to positivity. However, it is said that if something is done for 21 days it becomes a habit. I am confused if this should be shared publicly.. i.e. is it inspiring enough for you to read everyday, or is it something that should be personal.

I have created a poll.. found on the right side of the page. Please do answer and let me know how you feel about my little experiment continuing for another 14 days.

Thank you and love to all!

One thought on “The Habit!

  1. Congrats, again! You have shown great perseverance in making it through the first 7 days!! As anyone who tried to make new habits would tell you, the first 7 days would demand enormous self discipline.

    I believe you would definitely make more spiritual progress if you continued for another 14 days. You would by then gain a lot of spiritual strength which would compel you to continue the experiment for several more months and years.

    Reminds of of what a master has told me several years ago: “once you’re into spiritual experiments, it’s impossible to go back to what you had been!”

    Love and best wishes,

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