Must I really write?

Must I really write

To feel complete?

Must I really drop my thoughts

and not compete?

Why should this flow

Stop me on my tracks?

Why must the lyrical

Tease me till I crack?

It’s as though a torrent inside

Waits to break free

As soon as I see blank spaces

I’m issued a decree

A word’s not really a word then

It becomes a brush

With which I can paint

The song of a thrush

And the moment becomes beautiful

More than I can describe

All I want to do is

Be nature’s scribe

Then there’s a dizzy spinning

A quick blood rush

And I never want to stop

Though my mind goes ‘Shush!’

And then sometimes, my heart,

It knows this is the end

And the flow says

‘Goodbye! Later, my friend’

Sometimes I write poems

To figure things out

At other times

The poetess just calls out

And when I read to myself

The songs that I wrote

There’s a funny feeling

At the base of my throat!

Sometimes my heart

Just wants to be heard

At other times it’s inspired

by ‘the song of the bird’

Everytime, I think

Can’t do this anymore

The ‘One’ inside says

“Here’s another one, and then some more!”

“So when does it stop?”, I say,

“Well, I hope never!”, says the wise one,

“It’s a gift”

“It’ll stay”

Till then I guess I must write

To honour the call

And hopefully to some

This verse will enthrall!


One thought on “Must I really write?

  1. You must write. A gift not embraced fully leaves the beholder no sooner than it feels being taken for granted and not valued enough. Your flow is your gift and learning to flow takes courage and deep trust in self and in the gift. Writing is a doorway. A way to heal self and also others. A way to reveal your soul and your own unique world view (read heart view πŸ™‚ and it is precious. I wish and pray that you never question “should I write” but slowly discover the deeper meaning of being a good scribe. Because a scribe writes according to the flow of the moment without interference of mind. Source of all art forms is that divine experience of stepping aside and letting something grander flow through us. And hence I request that you must write. If not for yourself, then for others. And I know that u will keep writing and through writing you will find the glory hidden within. So keep walking and keep writing. Both support each other and in process we become great walkers on our chosen paths and also a great writers who write on other heart and not just on paper. Wish you a good writers day ahead. πŸ™‚

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