Revisiting Gratitude Day 2

I didn’t actually write this post on Day 2! Was actually too depressed to write at first and “loitered” online for sometime. Eventually, I did find enough things to be grateful for, but was too sleepy. So here goes,

1. A monthly salary:

Working in a start-up is tough! I sometimes still can’t believe I co-founded Deep Red Ink. I knew nothing about entrepreneurship or how one conducts business – not in a formal way anyway. After one and a half years, I can thankfully say that I am paying myself. It still gives me a great kick that I write and sign my own cheque every month. And, it is a matter of pride. Thank you Deep Red Ink, I’m greatly honoured.

2. Teachers:

Kiran figures here again! He and I had an enlightening chat conversation last night – gave me a lot of insight and made me feel loved. Before I had the chat with him though, I made the customary SOS call to Mujeeb. Thank you Mujeeb for being the wise man you are. And thank you for being my friend and teacher.

3. My computer:

It’s been over a year since I bought my Mac Pro. It has served me well. I’m really grateful that I own it

4. People who miss me!

Every time someone says that to me, I feel really loved. I’m grateful that I have enough memories and wonderful relationships πŸ™‚

5. My car:

It’s awesome. It takes me places. It’s still a pleasure to drive. It’s also a place were I feel safe and comfortable πŸ™‚


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