Revisiting Gratitude Day 3

Now for today’s gratitude list:

1. Learning:

I’m grateful that DRI is a learning company. It’s amazing sometimes how much I resent having to learn and grow, but in DRI there is no other way. Just being there makes me want to learn, be better and grow. Bhumi, which is the other organisation I am a part of, is also like that. I am thankful for these opportunities in my life!

2. Our team lunch:

It’s awesome when impromptu lunches happen 🙂 We get to hang out, crack jokes and have fun!

3. The Deep Red Ink office:

I’m thankful I have a place to work.

4. Our Chaiwallah:

He makes the most awesome chai!

5. Time to unwind and relax:

Don’t have it on all days.. but today I did. No urgent, pressing deadlines and no extra pressure

Thinking that I need pictures, maybe I will make it a photo-only post tomorrow.. that will remind me to be in gratitude all day.



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