Attracting Wealth Mindfully – Part 1

It’s been a while since I have written for myself… why did I choose to begin writing again?

First of all there were signs:

  • A post from a dear friend, Deepti Gujar, who sent me an email about 22nd March being the beginning of a very powerful time to make new beginnings. To find out why click here.
  • It is also the new year for many, including Sindhi folks. Very auspicious time to begin something new.

I haven’t blogged here for so long that it is a new beginning for me. Also much has shifted in my internal world since I last wrote.

As many of my friends know I co-founded a start-up in 2010 and it has been quite a journey. Often, there are conversations about money that come up among partners and team members there and of course, each has their own perspective about it. And I have mine. My relationship with money has been interesting! Interesting because I have never faced a lack of it. I am filled with gratitude because I am born in a family that has given me enough and more of love. I have been introduced to the abundance mindset perhaps since the day I was born.

When you give something away, it returns to you two-fold!

I was perhaps a 3 or 4 year old child in kindergarten when I had one of my cousins visiting from the US. I don’t really remember why, but my water bottle had to be given away to him and I was fairly upset about it. My mom just told me that if I gave away this one, God would give me two bottles in return. Reluctantly, I perhaps agreed and stopped crying. And the very next day, when mom picked me up from school she had two new water bottles waiting for me. This is was perhaps my first lesson in giving generously.

As a teenager, I had enough gifts at birthday parties and many many goodies that my parents gave me. Electronic gadgets, clothes, toys, stationery and very material comfort one could ever want. In school, I was jokingly called RSB (Rich, spoilt brat) because whatever I needed was just a phone call away. Added to that were the many foreign vacations. I had probably travelled to 15 countries by the time I was 15 years old. This was not a common phenomenon for other 15 year olds where I grew up.

Is it really that simple?

Then something happened. Because what I wanted was so effortless, I began to doubt all that I had. Was it really this easy? I don’t know when, but I decided that I would have to work really, really hard at something I hated to do because that was what it meant to make money. Somewhere the belief systems begin to form – Unless I was a hard-nosed career woman I would never have enough money. I would have to do something like a man to make money. I couldn’t be a “housewife” and be satisfied. And the biggest one – a career as a writer or a singer (I had some talent in both these areas) would mean I would never have any money.  Some of these were fed by peers, some by popular media and some by the western influence I had on my upbringing. I ended up as a chemical engineer in Pune doing simulation work for oil refineries. Not a bad career path, you might think. But I was miserable!

Finally, I had the sense to quit. But it was scary. I didn’t know how I would make money. My monthly income was gone. At the age of 28 I was living with my folks and asking my dad for expenses every month. I was sad. I had failed. But I had the good sense to stick to the question – Why am I here? What gives me joy?

Do what you love, the money will come!

It was from that despair that Deep Red Ink was born. I wanted to do what I loved yet make money. When I met my soon-to-be business partner Santhan, that’s what he promised me. That it is possible to do what you love and earn a living. And, it’s OK to dream.

Since then, we’ve set-up a thriving business and we are now a team of 16 people (and growing). In the next post, I will share with you the experiences that have shifted my belief system.


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