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Dil Ki Aawaz

Woh kya hai jo duniya chahti hai mujhse Mere dil ki ghazal Mere mann ka taraana Ek boond hasi ki Woh muskurana.. Kyun bhatki hu main darbadarr? Jab dil bas keh raha hai Meri aawaz suno Pyaar ka raag suno Yeh raag hamesha hai tumhare saath Bas pakde rehna hai apne dil ka haath Itna … Continue reading



This list was originally intended to have 100 things.. but when I started writing it I found that I had more than a 100 things to be grateful for and the list keeps growing. This year has been wonderful.. and as I enter my 30th year, I am in deep, deep gratitude for everything in … Continue reading

Law of Attraction..

Long overdue.. Incident 1 (the trigger): I get to know about a workshop that’s going to take place and the teacher tells me that it would be good for me to do it. I am super interested and also super curious.. the fee is something that seems out of reach at the moment.. but I … Continue reading


You never cease to amaze me.. I am blown away by your beauty Every time I see you Every time I feel you Every time I touch you You are new It’s a mistake to expect anything from you Because you always give me more than expected How can you give so much? Know so … Continue reading

Moments in the Flow..

Moments of insane clarity wise craziness inappropriate stillness silent rejoicing Moments that are.. beautifully mundane plainly special Moments that make me feel wordless eloquence light intensity flowing.. being. loving..

I love you!

you are so beautiful and dangerously so, your childlike innocence makes me one with the flow, as i look into your eyes so deep i sometimes laugh, i sometimes weep. your voice is like the song of the bird, that wakes me up from my reverie, with you i feel freedom, freedom to be me … Continue reading

Dil Ki Awaz

Itne sawaal hai mere dil mein jaage tumse milne ke baad, Kyunki dil dhoondh raha tha woh aaina jo mujhe apne asli chehre se mila de, Tumko sunayee di meri dil ki awaaz, woh tadap, woh pukaar, Jab se tum aaye ho zindagi mein hardam sunaayee deti hai geeton ki jhankaar, Kyunki is asli chehre … Continue reading