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Two years..

I stop to look at myself in the mirror I think of you as I look at my reflection At night when I’m about to get into bed You smile back at me, Your photograph at my desk It’s almost as though we have a conversation in my head.. I remember you in desperate times … Continue reading


The Treasure

Bare white walls When etched with the name Divine Become sacred   A blank canvas, When splashed with colour Becomes a picture   Sheets of paper.. gone awry Become a story when Adorned with words strung together   A dash of vermillion On the forehead Speaks of love and loyalty And commitment forever   The … Continue reading

The Habit!

Well, so my experiment has now ended according to the traditional suggestion of 7 days to positivity. However, it is said that if something is done for 21 days it becomes a habit. I am confused if this should be shared publicly.. i.e. is it inspiring enough for you to read everyday, or is it … Continue reading

Listening – with my heart!

Before I went for Kiran Gulrajani’s Tao of Facilitation, I thought an effective communicator is one who can speak his/her idea with clarity and that was enough.. to communicate thoughts, feelings and sometimes even emotions. At the time I didn’t even know that communicating had so many layers to it – one of the main … Continue reading

You are alive…

I always wondered if I’d forget you, Maybe I wouldn’t think of you in those special moments, Or if I would never t have those conversations with you again, Would I believe it was you when you came to me in my dreams? It pained me, because I thought we wouldn’t have those memories again.. … Continue reading

The Beauty that is Navneet :)

For those of you who don’t know her, she is Navneet Wasu. My best friend of close to 14 years, my confidant, my undying source of love. She is always fun to be with, the cool cat, the fashionista, the full of life laughing woman.. I also know her deepest and darkest secrets.. as she … Continue reading