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Tender moments Of words unspoken Quiet smiles exchanged Of promises unbroken   Glances that speak Lips that seek Of childish glee And sometimes gilmpses Of stark reality   Of heart-stopping looks Of wonderment and excitement Of soft touches tight embraces   A flash of anger A tear slips by A suppressed sigh Heart melting when … Continue reading



This list was originally intended to have 100 things.. but when I started writing it I found that I had more than a 100 things to be grateful for and the list keeps growing. This year has been wonderful.. and as I enter my 30th year, I am in deep, deep gratitude for everything in … Continue reading

From Biryani to Missal Pav

Pune is a small town at heart that is still getting used to being a big city. It is a place where you have big malls and many international companies but the shops still shut between 1 pm to 4 pm so that shop owners can have a break for their afternoon siesta. A place … Continue reading

Listen to the whispers

Outside: the freezing desert night. Another night inside gets warmer, illuminating me. Though the earth be covered with impenetrable thorns In here there is a green and gentle meadow. When the continents are devastated – cities, towns and everything between scorched and blackened – the only news is future full of grief – while inside … Continue reading


You never cease to amaze me.. I am blown away by your beauty Every time I see you Every time I feel you Every time I touch you You are new It’s a mistake to expect anything from you Because you always give me more than expected How can you give so much? Know so … Continue reading

Daily Miracles and Lessons..

Sometimes, someone you love does an act that can make you love them even more (if that’s even possible). Today my Dad and I shared a really special moment that left me with tears of gratitude. Dad and I are great believers in Homoeopathy and Bach Flower remedies and he happened to mention that our … Continue reading

Whatsoe’er thy heart..

If thou seekest gold, To this thy life is sold; If thy greed be bread, By that thy soul is led. Learn this subtlety: Let it be known to thee, Whatsoe’er thy heart Is set on, that thou are. ~Rumi Translated by A. J. Arberry

I love you!

you are so beautiful and dangerously so, your childlike innocence makes me one with the flow, as i look into your eyes so deep i sometimes laugh, i sometimes weep. your voice is like the song of the bird, that wakes me up from my reverie, with you i feel freedom, freedom to be me … Continue reading