Tender moments

Of words unspoken

Quiet smiles exchanged

Of promises unbroken


Glances that speak

Lips that seek

Of childish glee

And sometimes gilmpses

Of stark reality


Of heart-stopping looks

Of wonderment

and excitement

Of soft touches

tight embraces


A flash of anger

A tear slips by

A suppressed sigh

Heart melting

when you brush my hair

out of my eye..


A pat on the back

A look of delight

A pinch on the cheek

My nose you tweak


Gentle whispers

That speak to my soul

Laughter that threatens

To go out of control


Infectious giggles

Torturous tickles

Sour looks

That remind me of pickles 🙂


I live my life

For moments like these

Give me some more..

Won’t you please?

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