You are alive…

I always wondered if I’d forget you,

Maybe I wouldn’t think of you in those special moments,

Or if I would never t have those conversations with you again,

Would I believe it was you when you came to me in my dreams?

It pained me, because I thought we wouldn’t have those memories again..

Those highs and lows, those happy times,

But you’re here.. you’re alive

In my laughter and my tears

You live on..

And you always will…

I feel you so close.. you are here..

Yes!! You are alive..

Because, without you, I wouldn’t be..


5 thoughts on “You are alive…

  1. πŸ™‚
    hey….i bumped into this site..and pleasantly surprised….
    never knew had this amazing talent at writing…kudos..!
    btw…how are you…that shud have been the first sentence..hehe

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